Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LGBT Youth Death Resources

Hi Everyone,

Here are the resources listed in the show and a few others.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Alphabet Community Centre
For trans support in London
Open Closet LGBT Youth support group

Other London Support Services
Addiction Services of Thames Valley 673-3242
London Abused Women's Centre 432-2204
Sexual Assault Centre London 439-0844
24 Hour Crisis Line 438-2272
Changing Ways - family violence control for men 438-9869
Family Service London 433-0183
AIDS Committee of London 434-1601
London Health Science Centre - South Street Campus 685-8500
Association for the Elimination of Hate 661-5266
Open Closet 434-1601
Hate Crime Hotline 642-1900
LGBT Youth Line 1-888-687-9688

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