Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Wait World Premiere Stratford Oct 16

I understand that that the doctor shortage situation is getting critical locally in your area and that some of your nearby ER's are closing. Thought you might be interested in seeing our documentary film "The Big Wait" which looks at the doctor shortage in Canada over a four year filming period. It will have it's film festival World Premiere in Stratford Ontario, next week, Saturday October 16.

The PAIRO physician recruitment event for underserviced communities in Ontario and town of Midland Ontario's recruitment team efforts for physician recruitment are featured in the documentary. It also depicts the fascinating journey of three different foreign trained doctors as they work towards becoming licensed to practise medicine in Canada.

We would love to have local folks who are interested in doctor shortages and the issues faced by rural and smaller communities at the Statford screening. Could you please be so kind as to forward this notice to any of your colleagues in the health care profession and the local media you think might interested in the issues explored in the film. The screening will be followed by a lively discussion.

If the date and location is not good for you, please note the will also be screening in Ottawa later in the month. Details in our below. If you are interested in seeing the film screened at relevant conferences, or for the public in your area, please get in touch. More details on our website . Thank you.
Joanne Jackson, Executive Producer
BRILLIANT RED MEDIA, Office: 905-428-9891, Mobile: 416-801-1118

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